About the course:

Dispatched by IIM the five-year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) is the first of its sort in Quite a while. It is an exceptional and inventive program implied for youthful understudies with administrative and initiative yearnings.

IPM is focused on understudies who have dropped of class XII/Higher Secondary or comparable from schools across India. 


To create logically applicable, socially-cognizant chiefs and pioneers with an establishment of elite schooling in sociologies followed by the board training. 

Learning Goals: 

Given the idea of the program learning objectives of IPM are parted into those for the initial 3 years and the most recent two years. 

Learning objectives for the initial three years of the program: 

The IPM will empower understudies to: 

Exhibit language abilities 

Exhibit oral relational abilities 

Exhibit information on essential subjects for the board contemplates 

Exhibit a familiarity with moral agreement 

Improve actual prosperity 

Learning objectives of the most recent two years:

Most recent two years of the program are at Post-graduate level and the IPM understudies are blended in with the PGP program understudies and they go through similar arrangement of courses as the PGP program. Thus the learning objectives for these two years are as old as of the PGP Program. These objectives are:

Empower understudies to comprehend significance of setting in business 

Foster social cognizance 

Foster basic reasoning abilities 

Instill integrative reasoning capacity 

Advance relational mindfulness and capacity to work in gatherings 

Empower understudies to figure out how to apply the essential standards of correspondence to compose compelling business messages, case examination and reports. 

Foster skill in quantitative examination 

Get ready business pioneers with a sound comprehension of morals 


After finish of PGP program, one can function as showcasing supervisor, in which one necessities to deal with the showcasing cycles of the organization which incorporates deals, commercial, and advancement of the results of the organization. One can likewise fill in as the monetary chief, whose obligation is to control the venture of the capital of the organization. One more significant post on which one can work after finish of PGP program is the Human Resource chief, the person deals with the labor of the organization, and thus stands firm on one of the main footholds in the organization. 

Aside from all the previously mentioned, posts, there are numerous other on which a MBA degree holder can work. Consequently, the extent of PGP program in India is colossal, wide and exceptionally splendid. 


IIM Placements are typically directed between February-July consistently for the PGP bunch. The normal compensation bundle presented to up-and-comers from top IIMs range from Rs 20-25 lakh for every annum, while pay bundles of fresher IIMs fall between Rs 10-20 lakh for each annum.

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